Teams that play together, stay together

Empower your team to find new friends within your business, plan group activities & build strong retention with your business.

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How does Happia work?

Happia is a dedicated platform for your employees to build meaningful connections within your organisation, by creating events & discovering other team mates with shared passions and hobbies.

Team signup

Your employees sign up to Happia, sharing their interests, hobbies & passions.

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Matching process

We show your team other team mates with the similar interests & passions.

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Create clubs & events

You & your employees can create clubs or events visible company wide, such as a board game evening, or cycle ride.

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Dedicated space

Your business & team have a dedicated space to connect & see what’s going on socially company wide.

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Impactful benefits


Reduction in Safety incidents

Greater number of friendships in the workplace has been shown to reduce safety incidents by as much as 36%.


More enjoyable work

Research conducted showed that employees with friends within their business caused a 57% increase in enjoyment at work.


More creative

Employees have shown as much as a 21% increase in creativity when they have friends at work.

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Increased productivity & profit

Research has concluded that when employees within a company have close work friends, safety incidents decreased by 36%, customer engagement increased by 7%, and profits increased by 12%.

The closer your team, the greater your retention.

As teams grow larger, its exponentially harder for businesses to maintain a strong culture. Happia helps your staff discover hidden shared interests between them, resulting in stronger social ties & less employee turnover.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Combat negative mental health & burnout

We’re living in an increasingly disconnected world. Loneliness is one of the core drivers of depression, and as a result, burnout. Strong social ties, lead to dramatically improved mental health, which means more happy employees, and less burnt-out employees.

Glean meaningful insights into your team

Understanding your team and what makes them happy, empowers you to create events & incentives you know your employees will love.

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